Thursday, April 17, 2014

Wonder Bra (By Cindy Pham)

The image that was released in August 1999 in France features an advertisement for Wonderbra that could be very demeaning towards women. The model is a young tan, blonde, blue eyes female that is only wearing a bra. She has a seductive facial expression with her mouth open and eyes looking lustfully into the camera. She is holding on to the straps of her bra and looks like she’s lifting them up to make her breast appear perkier. The majority of the advertisement is focus on the woman’s breast, which is the focal point. But in medium size font that is located in her chest, the phase, “I can’t cook. Who cares?”
            The image is presented out of pure pleasure for the man’s eyes. The advertisement is very demeaning because the ad is telling their audience that if one has large breast, people would look pass their flaws. That only looks matter because if she doesn’t know how to cook, at least she is still pretty to look at and have around. It’s telling their audience to look at their model only as a sex object and not as a human being. It makes women that don’t have large breast feel less of a woman because these are the images that men are looking for. Furthermore, the model is skinny and very sexually desirable. It leads women into altering their look to achieve something that society necessary thinks as "sexy".  It’s giving men the wrong impression of how a women should look like. The ad helps men look at women as sexual beings and not for personality. 

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  1. Your perception is very accurate. I believe that when such an ad is displayed it almost loses the point of the brand advertisement and is more appealing to just look at the woman.