Monday, April 21, 2014

Virtual Visual Museum

Morales, Liliana
April 9, 2014

            The power of a human body in Valentino’s ad sells further values. It creates an ideology of feminism and masculine and declares how we should be. For instance, in the American culture women should be sensative while men should be tough. In Valentino’s ad the male’s body posture is demanding emphasizing toughness. Yet, the woeman’s body posture and gesture implies senativitivness.
            In addition,  stereotypes of both females and males are form through the body postures of the advertisement. Nevertheless Valentino’s ad sells American cultural values, such as women being weak, sensitive,sexual, and guilty. Usually the women are devalued. In the other hand, men grow up or seen culture as more powerful. Due to Valentino’s  ad the men have control. Therefore the male’s hand is place upon the women’s chin declaring control over the female. Instantly the  women becomes intimidated  from the rigidness of his hand posture. Overall the customer’s consumption is more than ordinary glasses; Valentino also sale ideas of feminism and masculinity.


  1. The ad is trying to show male power over the female. In society, we don't value female being able to handle a large amount of power. Society degrades female into telling them they need a man.

  2. The male is playing the dominant role and is portraying what a "man" is suppose to act like in today's society.

  3. This image portrays that men are more dominant then women (being submissive). Women allow their lovers (men) to take control over them. This image could also mean that women are "weak".