Friday, April 18, 2014

Calvin Klein advertisement

         In Calvin Klein commercials and magazine photos, there is always a male model that only wears a pair of Calvin Klein underwear. They also never wear a shirt and are well built models with large biceps, toned pecks, and abs. The images are more for pleasure because of the way the models pose and there facial expressions. The images for Calvin Klein advertisement  are for both men and women eyes.
       The images of the Calvin Klein models are supposed to represent sex-appeal and the standard of what males should look like. When men look at such a picture it makes them wish that they looked as good as the models do when they wear the same type of underwear. It does not help that they do not use actors that are in average shape, causing men to believe the only standard is to be in excellent physical shape. Also the images have an affect on women, such as making believe they need to find a man that looks the same way.Images like this suggest that people listen to the media and believe what they tell them. The media dictates  what the perfect male looks and what he should be. The same could said about women, what the media tells them how they should look and be. People in the present time view the body to be perfect by the way the media advertises it to be even if it isn't possible to achieve.

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  1. It's sexist because it's trying to show men the ideal image.If one doesn't have this image then women wouldn't find them attractive.