Friday, April 18, 2014

Weight Loss Advertisement (Daniel Vazquez)

The ad below sends an atrocious message to women and even men that only skinny can be beautiful. The billboard was displayed in Jacksonville, Florida an area where being thin is desired by most women. The cartoon woman in the ad is large and is dressed in a pink and white polka dotted bikini. On the billboard the woman is the target of a malicious attack due to her being overweight. Her figure is referred to as a whale and her fat as blubber. Her face as well as her full body isn’t even displayed on the billboard symbolizing that she is too large to fit on the billboard and not pretty enough to be shown to the public.

There is this phenomenon going on in which society endlessly reminds women that they must be thin to be considered beautiful. These standards that women are held to are unrealistic and unattainable. The horrible truth about society’s ideal view on women is that it will most likely never change. These opinions are projected on platforms that the world sees daily such as magazines, newspapers, the internet and the list goes on. With these media outlets telling you skinny is the only way to be beautiful you start to buy into the idea. The only way to eliminate this “fat talk” is to stop feeding into the idea that is portrayed by a society that is not perfect itself. 

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  1. This advertisement is very attention-grabbing because of the seeming offense which this advertisement may cause, depicting an overweight body in a bikini and the mentioning of a large mammal, a whale.