Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Triton(by Salvador Becerra)

Triton by Manuelita Brown

            In the University of California San Diego, there are many wonderful sculptures such as the Bear by Tim Hawkinson. In 2008, the school revealed to the public a 750-pound bronze sculpture of the campus’ school mascot, the Triton by Artist Manuelita Brown. UCSD’s Triton floats self-importantly while holding his pitch fork and conch shell. It is located at the bottom of the steps at the Price Center East where students socialize, eat and do homework. Looking confident, the three-dimensional bronze sculpture is an important part of the school’s campus. Triton is known as the trumpeter of the deep sea and the son of Poseidon, god of the sea. He is a merman who has a toned muscular body of a human and a tail of a fish. He always carries his three ponged spear and his conch shell which he blows like a trumpet to control and calm the sea.

            Being the University of California San Diego mascot and the son of the god of the sea, Poseidon, it is expected for Triton to have masculinity characteristics or physical attributes due to the fact that he has to command and control the sea. The body addresses the ideas about the essence of humanity and cultural ideals. For example, the arms symbolize the ability to love, give, take, and defend. Little details of the arm such as muscle can determine the symbolic meaning. A person with muscular biceps has strength to love, give, take, and defend someone or something. Relating to the Triton, his muscular arms give him the strength to defend the sea. In artwork, arms give the viewer’s something to observe then interpret.     

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