Monday, April 21, 2014

The American Sex Appeal

American Apparel models are among the most idolized women and men today. They appeal to the modern hipster crowd by advertising clothes that only extremely skinny women and fit men can wear. You can see them on billboards, on the side of busses, and even wallpapered on the side of large buildings and skyscrapers. Most of the time the clothes aren’t even on the female models, they’re just posing erotically in their undergarments yet still inviting teenage to middle aged women to shop at their retailers. As for the men, they are sometimes in good shape. Although a great majority of the time the men in the advertisements have a slim body figure with sharp facial features.
            The female form that American Apparel models take is a very erotic one, as if they’re trying to seduce the eye of the male viewer. These models often pose while wearing dull and small clothing on a black and white background. This setting creates a hipster vibe that many young men and women in our society tend to trend and follow. The females specially idolize the women portrayed in American Apparel advertisements, many times starving themselves just to fit into the clothes being marketed. This just goes to show the drastic impact that tall and slim women have on all women in our society today.
            Contrary to the popular macho portrayal of men, male American Apparel models are often not built and athletic. Among their models, the majority of the male models are slim and scrawny. What makes these men stand out is the slim and sharp facial features along with their bone structure. They often pose in briefs along with a serious and intimidating stare, giving them that sense of manliness that women want. Although the men aren’t in athletic shape, they still are far below over-weight. This goes to show how American Apparel conforms to the trend of using the body in such a sensual way to target the millions in our society.


  1. I find American Apparel advertisements interesting because of the male models that are used. They are not the stereotypical muscular male model. However, the way that the ads depict women is quite typical. Barely clothed and sexualized.

  2. Androgyny is consider to be a staple trend of high fashion and this may be an industrial attempt to market towards higher income individuals.

  3. This image takes a different approach of what is "sexy", it shows the feminine side of the male models. This make model does not show his manly figure, it is all about how to project his face to the camera.