Friday, April 18, 2014

Gold's Gym Photo (By Joseph Notch)

            Society today uses appearance and things that attract people visually.  Driving down the street, billboards and signs light up the sides of the roads.  These are there to attract people driving down the street to either come to their store or use their product.  Visual culture is a large part of society and people rely on it so much that it greatly influences our decisions.  People tend to look if it is visually satisfying a lot of the time instead of the facts, and also tend to look if a celebrity is being used in the visual culture.  Many of these visually satisfying things try to make people think that they can do it too
            Gold’s Gym is one of the most well known and successful gym in the United States. Gold’s has very good advertisement and on their website they have pictures that show off people’s bodies to represent the gym.  This specific picture, which is from their website, shows a women jumping and a man telling her what to do.  The woman is jumping onto a platform and is in a very athletic position. This makes the woman’s body look more toned and fit than the average woman to try and draw in a female based audience to think that if you go to Golds Gym, you can look like that.  The man, which appears to be a trainer, is standing in an athletic position with his legs spread out a little and his hands on his hips. He is in this position because it shows off all of his body and gives off a slight flex of the forearms. There is also a woman in the back working out with a kettle bell.  She is fit but not as toned and muscular as the woman jumping.   This photo is meant for both men and women, but mainly women.  It shows the if men come here then they can look like this trainer, muscular and fit. It also shows women that you can become very fit and athletic if you come here because you can have a trainer by your side, who has superior knowledge of working out, or you can workout on your own like the woman in the background of the photo, who is still fit and has a nice body.

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