Friday, April 18, 2014

Axe Angel (by Rene AceroSalazar)

Fallen Angel
An angel has fallen from heaven and broken through the roof, landing on the bed. The bed has shattered on impacted. Rising from the dust of feathers is an attractive provocative female angel. Light from the ceiling enters into the dark room and you notice she is filled with lust and desire. On the nightstand to her right lies an axe body spray.
The nightstand has a lamp that is covered in a light red. It is intensified by a white light that is being cast of the lamp. The axe body spray bottle is located on top of the nightstand has a hint of violet with different shades of black and a white logo over it that states “Axe”. From the Axe body spray bottle to the right of it, there is a violet mist covering the bed, angel, and walls. The angel’s head is slightly raised from the norm and exposing her neck. This act represents vulnerability. Her hand placement is saying she is excited. The clothing she is wearing is making her aesthetic to the male viewer. This is being emphasis by the shading surrounding her neck, chest, and stomach.

This product is being sold by Axe is called Excite. With this product Axe is targeting males between the ages of 15-40. They’re doing this by hinting, if you use our product, you will have power and the ability to choose over the most angelic females. The Fallen Angels commercials have already been banned from South Africa due to offending one devoted Christian.

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  1. The ad references sexual desire that men want to get from females. It's going to easily attract men to buying the product.