Friday, April 18, 2014

Making Weightlifting Sexy ( Susana Hurtado)

The image above features fitness model Bella Falconi squatting a barbell in a gym setting. The colors have been altered in order to call more attention to the model in action. Bella’s body is flexing, showcasing her fit and muscular figure. Two men can be seen in the backdrop gazing upon her, perhaps in awe.  Weightlifting for women once meant you only have to curl 15lbs if you want to become lean and toned; this image certainly challenges that state of mind. It can be seen as a drastic change, or as an invitation to a better, stronger you. It’s hard to ignore the attention this type of figure has gained. Bella Falconi has 813k followers on Instagram alone; it appears the once coveted “skinny” body has been traded up for one more fit, toned, and muscular.
 This image appeals to both men and women, and emits a message that women don’t have to be thin to be attractive. They can have a full figure and muscles and still be considered sexy. In other words you don’t have to look like a playboy bunny, or have a “thigh gap” to be qualified. The gym world has long been dominated by males; many can blame the time era, the current fad, or the misconception that lifting weights made women appear manlier. Perhaps that is why the men are watching her; it’s no longer just their territory. She’s breaking down sexist barriers. Yes, she may have larger muscles than some of the men (boys) you know, if that be the case encourage them to start lifting immediately. Women of all shapes and sizes can strive for a healthier body with people like Bella Falconi to aide them in their fitness journey, the men have Arnold, and the women have Bella.
Anyone with fitness goals can relate to the image above. They may see the image and think “I want to become healthy, stronger, and feel sexy” or see this fitness model and think, “I wouldn’t mind dating a gal like that”. Even though this image doesn’t have its model gazing upon the viewer, it gives off a vibe as if she knows your watching her but she will not let it break her concentration. That in itself gives this image more power.

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