Friday, April 18, 2014

PETA Advertisement (Jessica Flores)

The advertisement by PETA, Save the Whales Lose the Blubber: Go Vegetarian, use the beach as a background and they use the lady that is overweight with the bathing suit. The beach is where people with a nice body go and use a bathing suit and feel good about themselves, but when a lady who is overweight uses one it sends the wrong message.

Save the Whales Lose the Blubber: Go vegetarian advertisement that is used in the streets with a fat lady next to it in a bathing suit can be seen wrong. They make a mistake using a fat lady and saying go vegetarian because it impies that women who are overweight should become vegetarian to become skinnier. It also shows that women who are overweight should consider going in a diet and use PETA. They also say "Save the Whales"and compare overweight women to the whales who are also big in size and in weight. The advertisement can bring a lot of negative attention. it can also have people think of themselves differently. Not everybody is suppose to be the same. This affects other people because they might think they are worth less because of their body type and the way media portrays women to be is skinny. The message that PETA was trying to send people who are overweight and wanted to get in a better shape was sent the wrong way.

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