Thursday, April 17, 2014

Dove Advertisement-Curvy Women (by Jamiko Larson)

The Dove advertisement shows six women standing next to each other in white panties and a white bra with no make up and no jewelry. Each woman in the image is of a different nationality, and they all have different body types. Some of the women hold a thin figure, others have some curves with small and/or big breasts. The first three women are tall and more or less the same height while the last three women are average and the same height.They all hold an upright pose that is different from the next women. The majority of them is standing with their legs crossed, two of the womens legs are straight with their hips somewhat tilted downward, and one woman standing with her legs apart. Their hands are either on their hips, thigh, or touching the shoulder of the women next to them. Each woman is posing different, but all are facing the camera with a smile. Their hair is natural, some have long curly hair, other have chin to shoulder length hair that is brown, black, or blonde. Next to the women is a slogan that states " Now Dove Firming. As tested on real curves," and under that are three Dove products.

The bodies of the women in the Dove advertisement can be interpreted as women who are diverse, have confidence and are comfortable with who they are and how they look. They all have typical female poses, but aren't as sexual, submissive or provocative as other advertisements such as Victoria Secret. Each woman in the advertisement has a different body type, shape, and aren't as thin as a stick. The theme that Dove is trying to convey is that it's okay and healthy to have curves, and being super thin can be harmful to the body and mind.This shows the viewer, especially young women and men that all shapes and sizes in our society are and should be acceptable. Women and girls don't need to be thin, dress provocative, or need makeup and jewelry to make them feel happy, beautiful and strong. They aren't giving a seductive gaze, bending over, or lying down with their legs spread wide open conveying the wrong message. They look strong, playful and truly happy giving them the confidence they should have and feel.

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