Thursday, April 17, 2014

Two Models

The image portrays a naked young adult woman holding a naked Barbie Doll with her two hands between her breasts. The young woman has vertical and horizontal line marks on her cheeks, nose, forehead, neck, breasts, arm, and stomach. Also, she has three arrows on her neck and stomach. She has a light brown hair tied with loose ponytail while the Barbie Doll has a perfect long blond hair. The Barbie Doll has shiny earrings while the woman do not have any. The Barbie Doll has a very light skin and the woman has a little bit of tan.
The purpose of the photograph is to inform to the female that society’s judgment of sexy is to be skinny. Barbie Dolls are the toys of the innocent toddlers; it can influence their minds negatively. They play with it every single day with other children. Toddlers dress their dolls with beautiful dresses, skirts, and jewelries. They may eventually think that being skinny is a good thing and other form of body is not acceptable. The image delivers the message that every woman can should “perfect body” with the help of technology.
The overall meaning of the photograph is that the perfect body should be the body of the Barbie Doll. The presence of the picture can extremely affect the mind of the young adult generations or even older women. It can motivate women to burn calories, so they can the same body as the Barbie Doll. Another scenario is that they can feel the pleasure of having a perfect body. Lastly, women that have different body size would feel ashamed and depressed. It can also symbolize that society values the physical appearance of women. The price of having an ideal body to please the society can be a good thing, but also not every physical feature is important to live happily.

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