Monday, April 21, 2014

Pro Age - Dove By Randall Hernandez

Pro Age Dove - beauty has no age limit. The Dove pro age product mainly targets women in there  40-60 years of age. in there campaign to advertise the product they use real everyday people as models instead of professional models. The illustration shows women of various ages exposing there natural bodies. Showing that you don't have to be skinny, light skinned young of age or have flawless skin to be beautiful. By using the product dove is trying to show that you can be yourself. the picture shows all the age spots of a women of the age 40-60 her gray hair, and curves. The product shows that women of any age can look beautiful .
The gray hair and curves on the women are the main iconography in the image. It makes the product stand out more by showing a mid age women. Being older shows that you will have more flaws but by using the product all the flaws go away. The pose the women is making shows that she is comfortable with her body it shows confidence and happiness.  

By Randall Hernandez

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  1. This picture is a powerful message that contradicts current advertisements such as Victoria Secrets and guess. This image could change the public's overall understanding of what is "sexy".