Friday, April 18, 2014

Providence, Little Company of Mary Nun (Jackie Santiago)

           This sculpture is that of a nun adorned in the traditional garment with a necklace of a cross hanging from her neck. In her left hand, she is carrying a basket containing five loaves of bread and her right arm can be seen outstretched also holding one loaf of bread. Her legs are situated one in front of the other so as to make it seem like she is in the middle of walking. This nun statue is located at the entrance of the Del E. Webb Memorial Center for Health Education, one of the buildings located at the Providence, Little Company of Mary Medical Center. 
            The Medical Center as a whole is set on a religious background, as is shown in the title of the hospital. Yet the presence of the statue at this specific building gives it more meaning than just its usual representation. As her location is in front of the Health Education building, it is possible to interpret her movement of handing out the loaves of bread in her basket as her doing her part in sharing with the world what she has to offer; representing those teaching others within the building as doing the same thing. The loaves of bread show that the nun used what she was taught to go out into the world and help the poor and the less fortunate. The presence of the sculpture suggests that the Medical Center is actively trying to keep its religious symbolism throughout. A hospital is a place where religious symbols are often found as it is a place where the ill or injured go to hopefully get the help they seek.

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