Tuesday, April 15, 2014

FaceTime (by P.Nasry)


            Every person has dreamed of being in the spotlight or a celebrity at least once in his or her life, and where better then in (the movie capital), Hollywood, CA. Stardom and allure for just a moment is what this interactive, mirror shaped, sculpture, FaceTime, by Steve Appleton provides to its gazers. This aluminum built sculpture, which is located on Sunset & Vine offers you with an opportunity to become part of the sculpture. It does this by taking a snapshot of your face, and displaying it for all to see, either on the sculpture, or on the 70-foot wall that stands behind it. The idea of a “head shot” is created for a person by it contributing them in an audition to its local viewers. It is able to display the snapshot of a persons face by its camera, which then sends your image to its projectors located on the pedestrian bridge above or directly behind the actual sculpture.

            To have created and placed FaceTime in the city where the entire world dreams of becoming famous, says much about its context. It creates a sense of imagination and innovates an individual feeling of fame. It also gives the many viewers surrounding this artwork, the power to look at who is being displayed. With this power of knowing that they cannot be seen back by the self-portrait on the wall, it gives them a one sided gaze. However the one being displayed may imagine his or her self-being famous and creates a feeling of excitement. There is a real want for this in our human nature because of the desire to be wanted, however maybe just a few moments of recognition would be enough to satisfy our longings, and this sculpture may give you just that.

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