Friday, April 18, 2014

Kate Upton Carl's Jr. Ad (Chelsea Sewell)

18 April, 2014

The Body in Visual Culture Assignment 

This advertisement is for Carl’s Jr. Hamburger called the Southwest Patty Melt. The woman in the picture is Kate Upton, a very attractive actress who is known for having amazing breasts. In this ad campaign, Kate Upton is seductively spread across the back seat of a car, wearing a short black with white polka dot romper with a low cut top showing her breast. She has a lot of black make-up on and her lips are formed like she is going to kiss somebody. She is holding the Southwest Patty Melt in her hand, but is not really paying attention to it. Carl’s Jr. also adds their to-go bag under Kate Upton’s leg, right by her butt.
This image is comprehended mostly for pleasure to the male eye. The way Kate Upton is positioned in the back of the car attracts mostly a male audience. Hamburgers are considered manly foods, so having a sexy woman posing with a hamburger attracts the males attention to Carls Jr. Her body is making men think about sex and making them feel like they are with Kate Upton, if they get the hamburger that she is eating. The Hamburger can also be representing a man. Hamburgers are beefy, and men are usually considered strong, and Kate Upton is their woman in the back of their car. The advertisement could also be directed towards women. If Kate Upton can eat this Hamburger and still look that sexy, they can eat it too.
The overall meaning of this advertisement is to attract men to go to Carls Jr. and buy their delicious Southwest Patty Melt. Using Kate Upton as their spokes model, attracts almost all men because she has an amazing body, plus she is hinting towards sex with the position is is laying in, the smoky eyes, and the puckered lips. The advertisement looks like Kate Upton is calling them over to have a good time. This shows that our contemporary culture uses the body to attract the consumers eye, even though they body is not even related to selling a hamburger. Kate Upton does not even look like she is paying attention to the hamburger, yet her body position and they way she looks, attracts consumers to go to Carls Jr.

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