Friday, April 18, 2014

Bodybuilding Advertisement (Jon Struthers)

In todays world most women feel that to be beautiful that it is required for them to be skinny, but they are wrong. This Image is an advertisement for the site that is showing off the model Karina Baymiller beautiful fit and toned body. The advertisement is displaying her fit body to the viewers with her resting on a type of gym equipment called rings. She is seen in a blue sports bra and black workout shorts on, which shows off her body. Her body is in very good shape and you can tell by looking at her toned abs and legs. She is beautiful and she isn’t skinny, she is toned.

In most photos seen in today’s media and advertisements the women that are shown in them are beautiful and skinny. What they don’t show is that you can be beautiful in any kind of body. The model Karina Baymiller is very beautiful and her body is toned up and she is not extremely skinny as most women view a beautiful women would look like. Most women also believe that working out will make them start looking like men but don’t understand it is beneficial for their life to workout. Karina Baymiller is representing to the women viewing the advertisement that working out benefits your life, and you should do if for yourself. It is also showing to the viewers that women that work out do not look masculine, it makes you look fit. Karina Baymillers looks very serious with how her body is posed in the image with her arms inside the rings
. It is showing her focus once she starts working out and how she is trying to build a better and stronger body and lifestyle. The photo also demonstrates that you need to put in effort to get a better body and lifestyle by actually working out. The advertisement is showing to the viewers that in today’s era a skinny body is not the only attractive kind of body. The advertisement was designed to get viewers to check their website for tips and plans to working out by showing a preview of what kind of body you can achieve by changing your life with their help.


  1. The ad looks like it's trying to empower women that they can achieve their goal body. It's looking pass their pretty face.

  2. The image of perfection within physique is becoming more fused between the standards of genders. It is not clear whether this women appears to be satisfied with her progress or whether her emotionless face is meant to inspire a mood of relentless hard work.

  3. This image could motivate young generations to get fit. It also contradicts the women's body (skinny). Women also try to dominant like males in the society.