Friday, April 18, 2014

Advertisements from Carls Jr (Wendy Anaya)

This model is advertising the new avocado hamburger from the famous fast food restaurant known as Carls Jr.  The photo shoot for the advertisement/commercial took place at the beach during a hot day which is obvious due to her being topless along with the sweat running down her body. Her poster is a bit slanted to the left, her legs are widely open and her right arm is extended over her cleavage while her left hand is holding the hamburger along with her facial expression which is demonstrating a form of satisfaction. In many ways this image is a form of sexual seduction towards the viewers which for the most part are men.      

Moreover, this image will be perceived from the audience in a negative form and will be viewed as pornography instead of a simple carls jr commercial. The advertisement will be viewed as pornography because men will use this to obtain pleasure. Carls jr along with many other companies advertise their products using an attractive model to obtain what they are seeking for which is attention.  

This image is being comprehended as pleasure and it is a form of an overall experience where tactics are being used. The tactics are seduction, which is a way to capture the attention of the view and the consumer. These typical commercials always include a model that is skinny, and wearing some sort of bathing suits.
The presence of this image is being suggested that in order to advertise some sort of product or food you must be slim, attractive and very seductive. For models and the producers the body is the first trait for a successful campaign

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  1. As the author of the essay noted, the model being portrayed was selected because of her qualities that make her a poster child for the supposedly perfect woman in her twenties. The price of Wendy's attracts many low income families and their body image may be a common issue among customers, that is why marketers chose a slim model