Tuesday, April 22, 2014


The photo above is a black and white advertisement for Calvin Klein underwear. A woman sits on top of a man lying in bed, while she touches his shoulders and he holds her legs. Both are in their undergarments showing slim physiques and smooth skin. They stare into the audience with small seductive glares.
            The image is meant to convey a sense of pleasure. It is intended for both the male and female gaze. The models are half nude in the image, which induces a sense of a sexual impression that hides under the advertisement of trying to sell designer underwear. The overall experience of sensorial phenomena does interfere with the visual. The primary experience of the image is to promote and sell underwear however it also stimulates the audiences into thinking sexually.
            The overall meaning of the ad is to try to make the audience feel the need to buy the underwear, so they too can feel sexy. It also intends to make people want to obtain the physique like in the image, because it is trying to make the audience think that-that is how they should look. It suggests that our culture views the body as sex objects.


  1. Ads like Calvin Klein try to attract people that already have the physical body to wear their clothes. You will never seen a curve person on the ads.

  2. This is trying to appeal to the more scandalous crowd and the woman appears to be somewhat under weight.