Tuesday, April 29, 2014

The Cross ( by Marcus Byrd)

The Cross is probably one of the most recognizable symbols around the world today, We might be driving down the same block for 5 miles and pass multiple variations rather they sit alone on top of a hill or church or around the neck of an individual. The Christian Cross or Crucifix as is referred to in Latin countries (usually includes a usually three-dimensional representation of Jesus's body) is the most well known religious symbol of Christianity. Jesus Christ was crucified to a cross and then born again as referenced in religious works most notably the Christian story book “The Holy Bible” many begin to were crosses as a sign of their belief and faith. Through many centuries people began to recognize the cross as the logo for the Christian Religion and began to brand and capitalize of the image such as Jewelry, Art, Clothing, etc.... The Cross was originally represented as something sacred and holy after the death and rebirth of “Jesus Christ”. Today people were crosses around their neck s and have no idea what it really represents. It has become a trend for people buy diamond or gold necklaces with a cross pendant but not practice religion in any form. For example you could turn on the TV and find a music video glorifying violence, partying, drugs , explicit language and degrading women in misogynistic manner while all this is going on the artist or artist’s will have a chain with a cross around their neck. I those displays to be that of a hypocrite or they have no clue what the cross represents. In order to wear a “Cross” one should believe in The Father, The Son, & The Holy Spirit and be a devout Christian. If not then we are just another human being following the trend and style seen so much today in modern society.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014


The photo above is a black and white advertisement for Calvin Klein underwear. A woman sits on top of a man lying in bed, while she touches his shoulders and he holds her legs. Both are in their undergarments showing slim physiques and smooth skin. They stare into the audience with small seductive glares.
            The image is meant to convey a sense of pleasure. It is intended for both the male and female gaze. The models are half nude in the image, which induces a sense of a sexual impression that hides under the advertisement of trying to sell designer underwear. The overall experience of sensorial phenomena does interfere with the visual. The primary experience of the image is to promote and sell underwear however it also stimulates the audiences into thinking sexually.
            The overall meaning of the ad is to try to make the audience feel the need to buy the underwear, so they too can feel sexy. It also intends to make people want to obtain the physique like in the image, because it is trying to make the audience think that-that is how they should look. It suggests that our culture views the body as sex objects.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Pro Age - Dove By Randall Hernandez

Pro Age Dove - beauty has no age limit. The Dove pro age product mainly targets women in there  40-60 years of age. in there campaign to advertise the product they use real everyday people as models instead of professional models. The illustration shows women of various ages exposing there natural bodies. Showing that you don't have to be skinny, light skinned young of age or have flawless skin to be beautiful. By using the product dove is trying to show that you can be yourself. the picture shows all the age spots of a women of the age 40-60 her gray hair, and curves. The product shows that women of any age can look beautiful .
The gray hair and curves on the women are the main iconography in the image. It makes the product stand out more by showing a mid age women. Being older shows that you will have more flaws but by using the product all the flaws go away. The pose the women is making shows that she is comfortable with her body it shows confidence and happiness.  

By Randall Hernandez