Friday, April 18, 2014

Kaiser Permanente Logo

The familiar Kaiser Permanente logo, is something that is seen but not always interpreted. There are two main colors, blue and white. The logo is very contemporary, with it's clean lines and simple design. There are 3 silhouettes of human figures in the background, two of them being shorter than the center one. In front of them is a sun and it's rays extending across the figures. Underneath their logo, the company's name is usually displayed.
The three human figures can represent families, or the community the hospital serves. Since there is more than one figure, it could mean the logo is trying to show the care and love to one another. Also representing that one is not alone under Kaiser's care. Kaiser is made up of three groups (Kaiser Foundation Health Plan, Kaiser Foundation Hospital, and Permanente Medical Groups) which could be a possibility of the three figure's representation. The sun beneath the figures represent life, health, and comforting warmth. All of these representations create an appropriate hospital logo, because they want to advertise characteristics you would want to see in times of need.


  1. I have seen this logo many times, and never crossed my mind what could have been the meaning. Not that u mention it, it makes sense that they try to sell the idea that they are a family to their patients and care and respect for them. i can see the rays of the sun like a new beginning for them too.

  2. Thats a nice detail they did to the logo to help promote family with good health.