Thursday, April 17, 2014

Fashion Advertisement

The ad shows a completely naked women lying down, her body is bare with her legs wide open, the only thing hiding her genitalia form being exposed is a cologne bottle she holds up between her legs. The picture cuts off just low enough to not expose her breasts. "Tom Ford for Men" is stamped in big white letters at the bottom of the ad, "Tom Ford" was probably all that was needed, it is not hard to tell what gaze this photo was made for. The ad is apart of 15 banned fashion ads listed on a poplar social website, the others showing similar images crossing the thin line of expression and exploitation. 

By examining the many ads shown on the website it can be seen that this idea that "sex sells' in popular media may have been taken too far. The women in these ads are shown either nude, with very little clothing on or shown with obvious sexual innuendos . Many other fashion ads seen by the public everyday aren't but a half step above the banned ads shown. Majority of these ads showing women as sexual objects, men not so much; the saying that sex sells should be changed to women sexuality sells. Women want to have these sleek, perfect bodies and so do men (in other ways of course). 

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