Friday, April 18, 2014

Dove Advertisement

This image, is advertising Dove’s new body wash. Dove used regular looking body models other than real models such as sizes 0-2. They used plus sized models to show their curves to attract customers that are curvy. We can see that there are 6 beautiful curvy female models being happy with their body. Also the models are all different races. It is showing how they do not care about the race and the body types. The advertisements copy says, “New Dove Firming. As tested on real curves.” 

The audience of this advertisement is females that are curvy. As we see in our advertisements of other body washes, all we see are models with perfect bodies and faces. It is showing us ‘if you use our product, you can become like this too.’  But in this advertisement, instead of telling us lies, it is showing us some realistic images of woman's body. In real life, we all know we cannot be like models that are sized 0-2. Dove’s advertisement is showing the beauty of true body types. 

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  1. A nourishing soap, shampoo, and lotion company in this advertisement is demonstrating their desire to aim towards customers of all skin types and all body images, since their products focus on the health and improvement of skin.