Thursday, April 17, 2014

SKYY Vodka (By Cynthia Carrillo)

The image displayed is of a young, skinny woman seductively leaning onto a man who seems to be a server. The man is holding a tray which carries the SKYY Vodka bottle and some fruits on the side for the woman's martini. He is wearing a white dress shirt and a black skinny tie. The woman is holding a drink in her hand while gripping the man's tie with her other hand. She is wearing a back thin bikini and also a sunhat which covers her entire face. Her bikini is quite revealing and only covers the essential body parts that need to be censored.The man is gazing into the woman's face as she pulls him closer towards her.
The purpose of this image is to show seduction and pleasure from the woman to the male audience. The woman is shown as sexy and skinny by the type of clothing that she is wearing. This type of woman is what male viewers are most appealed to. The woman's face is covered by her sunhat completely in the image. This portrays that the audience has no interest in the actual woman but rather her body. Her controlling grip towards the server shows that she is willing to be with any man.
The meaning of this advertisement is demonstrating to women that in order for a man to look at you, you must be sexy, skinny, and drunk. Men don't have interest in who the woman is as a person but rather what their body looks like. Also, it shows that women who drink are more willing to be with any man. It shows that women have no standards in men when they are under the influence. The fruits in the woman's martini symbolize a "girl drink" meaning woman don't drink heavily and should still look classy.

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  1. Interesting to know that people find this an attractive advertisement even though neither of their faces are showing. It's sad that we first admire the figure of the body rather than the beauty in the face.