Monday, April 21, 2014

Jared Bates Equinox Ads

              Equinox Gyms are one of the most highly acclaimed gyms in California. They are known for their great workout equipment, experienced trainers and exceptional cleanliness. Recent ads for the gym have shown some very interesting material in the pictures. Most gyms put ads out that show people working out, getting fit, or even just posing in their workout gear with a smile on their face. Equinox is not using the general ads of most gyms. Many people were shocked to see a massive ad on the side of an equinox with a completely nude man and woman running down the street. The picture of the ad is taken in the back of two people without any clothes running down the street with their bare bottoms being shown and both of them looking back at the camera. Another one of their images shows a nude man getting into an ice bath with only his torso showing but it is clear he is wearing no clothes.       
When a gym uses an ad, the point of it is to be inviting so that people will buy a gym membership to get healthy and stay fit. The recent Equinox ads are taking a completely different approach. They are using nude ads of men and women to try to get people to try out their gym. On each of the ads it reads “Equinox Made Me Do It”.  These ads however, make little sense. One image shows a pair of nude people running down the street reading “Equinox Made Me Do It”. This title really doesn’t make much sense because how could Equinox have made them run down the street nude. The images are very provocative. The ads are using what most people call a “perfect body” and not everyone is perfect and these images are going to make many people insecure about themselves. They really do not have to be nude in the first place and they are putting much emphasis on the nude part of the picture. There is absolutely no need for them to be undressed at all because the point of gym ads are to make people want to come to the gym but these are the complete opposite and might make people not even want to be apart of the gym. The reason they may have made them nude was to show that the gym made them comfortable with themselves, but they may have took an inappropriate approach. Nowadays people have this perception of how a perfect body should look and these ads are advertising that. Not everyone can have the perfect body shown in these images.


  1. This shows the more adventurous side that exist in every human and since we live in a fast paced society, living on the edge and taking risks is meant to inspire and attract young people to exercise at these facilities.

  2. Advertisement like this could motivate the public to get fit. They are also advetising the "ideal" body to the society. At the same time, woman and men are being shown in this advertisement which may seem that both genders can succeed.