Friday, April 18, 2014

Dolce and Gabbana Advertisement (Audry Camacho)

     The Dolce and Gabbana Advertisement contains five men whom only have boots, socks, hats, and underwear on. Their underwear has Dolce and Gabbana written on the elastic waistband. All the men are in good shape with abs and are good looking. The five men are all sitting on stools or sitting on each other and are in front of a mirror doing different poses. All the men have at least one hand in a fist and are not looking at the camera, except for the man in the middle. The man in the middle has both his hands in a fist and is looking straight at you, while the other men are looking in different directions and making silly facial expressions. The man in the middle  is also the only one whose underwear is not shown, this is done to draw attention to him. He is also seated lower than the other four men, close to the focal point which is the underwear.

      Dolce and Gabbana uses five good looking, barely dressed men to advertise their underwear. The viewers gaze is on the five men's bodies to draw people's attention to the photo.  The men do not have any clothes on, except for the underwear which is white and bright and everything around the underwear has more dark colors. This draws people's eyes to the underwear because the color white pops out. This advertisement  is a display, to attract men in wanting to look like them or wanting people's boyfriends to look like them. They use good looking men with nice bodies to show people what a man's ideal body should be.  In today's culture, people use images like this advertisement, that are focused on peoples bodies to sell products. Dolce and Gabbana know that by using men basically only in their underwear, will draw attention and most likely get people to buy their underwear. The men in the advertisement also appear to being enjoying themselves by doing silly poses, demonstrating that wearing Dolce and Gabbana underwear is enjoyable. The advertisement is selling more than just underwear, it's selling the image of what a man in today's society should look like. The advertisement  shows that men in today's society should have strong defined bodies, with abs and nice arm and leg definition.


  1. I completely agree that the advertisement is selling more than just the underwear but the idea that you could look like the men in the advertisement if you purchase their underwear. I also agree that the gaze is drawn around the advertisement and settles on the white of the underwear and its comparison to the darker background.

  2. The white underwear pops and it becomes the first thing you notice and then their bodies. Everything from the color scheme and location was plan for the viewers eyes to look right at the underwear.

  3. The choice of muscular models is appealing to men who are aspiring to look young and powerful.