Friday, April 18, 2014

O Crack Consome

In this anti-drug campaign, masterminds create a compelling poster that visualizes the effect of crack cocaine on the human body, specifically the face. The poster is encased in glass and placed where drug dealers and users are notoriously found,  Gallery of Rock in Sao Paolo, Brazil. The poster itself is made of flour and upon it a picture of a regular everyday man with a blank stare. The picture is then eaten by larvae who feed on the poster, creating holes and craters on the mans face.  The words “O Crack Consome” can also be found atop the man’s face, which translates to “crack consumes”.
The ad personifies the horrors of crack cocaine, showing all who have seen the poster what happens after the usage of the drug. It delivers the clear message of how dangerous and destructive the usage of the crack cocaine is. It shows how the tiny meal worms slowly eat away the flour, similarly to how the usage of drugs slowly kills the body- thus creating the silent metaphor to the simple quote of, “crack consumes”.

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