Friday, April 18, 2014

The Holy Eucharist (by Daisy Anaya)

In the photo that rests above, there's a man who is mercifully holding a circular piece of bread - the piece of bread that serves as the main participant in the Eucharist. The Eucharist consists of bread and red wine. Many Latin Churches buy hosts from major convents while the majority simply use “communion wafers.” This piece of flat bread is ultimately broken into small pieces and distributed in that manner. Moreover, the red wine is simply red wine and the practitioners are only allowed a small taste.

At mass, during the Eucharist prayer, the bread (or the host) becomes the body of Christ and the wine becomes the blood of Christ. This serves as a representation of what occurred in the Last Supper where Jesus took bread, blessed it and finally distributed it among his disciples pronouncing it His body, then he took the cup of wine, gave thanks, pronouncing it His blood. This is a sensory phenomenon that involves visual, palate and even a profound spiritual contact.
By receiving the Eucharist through the Holy Communion, the believer is brought closer to God and is invited to avoid sins in the future thus this holy practice suggests that as true believers, Catholics are given an opportunity to purify their souls each time the Eucharist is received despite every day sins. This ritual undeniably reminds Catholics of God’s immense love for his children.



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