Friday, April 18, 2014

Our Lady of Guadalupe (Karla De La Torre)

     Our lady of Guadalupe is a religious image that can be found anywhere from a Catholic church, on paintings, and also jewelry. In the Catholic church she is placed in a little hall/room on the side of the church. It's a quiet place where anybody can go to and pray to her. Their is a little stool where someone can kneel down in front of her. She is placed in the center of the room which shows that she is the main focal point of the place. It also shows how important she is because she is the mother of Jesus. The room is peaceful with subtle lighting and decorated with roses and candles.
     Our lady of Guadalupe is just another name for our beloved Virgin Mary, who came to Mexico to teach the people about christianity. Since her appearance there has been a significant amount of miracles attributed to her, earning the title of empress of Mexico and queen of america. Many people who follow her really do look up to her. In the church where she is placed, people visit her to pray and light a candle for her. The Catholic church celebrates her on december 12 where everyone sings to her and showers her with flowers just like the picture shown above. She continues to be one of the most influential religious images for Catholics around the world.

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