Friday, April 18, 2014

Gucci Ad (by Rebecca Vazquez)

Gucci Ad (2003)
The advertisement consists of a man on his knees in front of a woman with his back towards the viewer. The woman’s body is cut off just beneath her chest so that all is shown are her long legs, flat stomach, and part of her breasts. She is wearing a kimono, jean shorts, and high heels. She is pulling down the front of her shorts and that is where the Gucci symbol is and where the man’s eyes are locked on. He has his hands on her thighs and he looks mesmerized. Her skin is glowing and looks flawless as does the male in the advertisement. The advertisement is supposed to be selling the shorts worn by the woman. The ad moves from left to right, moving from dark to light. The focal point ends on the woman and the Gucci symbol, even the man's gaze is focused on the symbol which is another sign that that is where the readers gaze needs to be as well.
The advertisement is revealing that the woman is only needed for her body because her face is cut out from the advertisement. It is selling the idea that woman are submissive because of her body position in the advertisement. Her body is only needed to attract the attention and that is also why she is practically naked, because otherwise it might not get as much notice. She also is showing the Gucci trademark that is under her pants. The male shows his dominance because of the grip he has on her legs and his entire body is in the ad and she is revealing herself to him. Sexuality plays a huge part in the ad because it attracts a lot of attention, and that is why they are using the woman’s body in this way. The shorts are supposed to be the focal point of the ad but they are anything but the first thing anyone really looks at.

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  1. The ad reverse the role of sexism and made the men on his knees. It's still alarming how graphic they get in ads.