Friday, April 18, 2014

In our daily lives, moving from point A to point B we come across many advertisements, it can be while stuck in traffic that these catch our attention, in a bus stop bench or the walls of a building. Wherever we see them, what matters is the impression we are getting through these images. This advertising is located going east on the 91 freeway also seen in other freeways. As well as this casino ad, other casino ads also include good looking women and phrase such as “All in” or  “More style, more action” such as in the previous image.

            In this image we can see that the target is mostly the male, they are attracted by the two women and the man in the middle giving them the desire of being in his position. At the same time the advertising is giving the gaze the idea that they must have style in order to be happy. The man is well dress and the women next to him are “perfect” looking therefore is telling the audience that what matters is the style. “More style, more action” style equals money, more money, more action. The man is well dressed with one woman in each side giving the impression that he can afford to have them next to him. The ad also targets the women. The women in the ads are sensual, sexy and seem to need nothing else, leaving women who see the ad with the desire of being also perfect looking and provocative in order to obtain what is desired. Most casinos use alike advertising, using beautiful women to catch the attention of the audience and persuading them to visit their casino, with these kinds of images they make people believe they will feel much better with all the pretty women and the money they can win.

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