Thursday, April 17, 2014

Corporate Head Sculpture (by Terry Allen and Phillip Levine)

Corporate head Sculpture created by Terry Allen and Phillip Levine is a man hiding his head inside the building wall. The building is called Ernst and Young is located in downtown Los Angeles. The man is holding a suitcase and well dressed with a suit as a professional style. It is a typical dressing on downtown Los Angeles if you work in the office. The sculpture is colored grey and hardly shows any light colors that lightness the sculpture. The only light color is the wall. The color grey declares the darkness of corporate American which is difficult when the company shrinks the opportunities from their employers. Like to eliminate the health plans or not to increase their employer’s wage. That could make the employer stressful and making sacrifices among family time for the job. For example, the employer might spent less time or not paying attention to the family because he or she needs enough money to support the family.
             Therefore, the sculpture shows shame and stress by the way the head is hiding on the wall. There is no actual face to see the person expression and emotions. But, the posture that has about sixty degree shows nothing about happiness or excitement. His body position has a weak stand like sick person without a sign of health. The man seems not wanting to work on the office. It might be a hard job with very few benefits and freedom. Apparently, that’s the only choice they might have to work in that place. Probably being stress from a rough traffic since in the Los Angeles is well populated area. Almost everyone owns a car.

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