Friday, April 18, 2014

Abercombie and Fitch

Option 1
            The video is about the images shown in advertisement in the store Abercrombie and Fitch. The video was about how the Abercrombie and Fitch commercial and billboards always have a white blond skinny girl or guy. The video also showed and talked about how the CEO of the company came out saying he refuses to make extra-large and xxlarge sizes for his store. He wants to have popular American girls wearing his clothing and not ugly fat people.  He just wants beautiful people to shop at his store. He doesn’t want to see the people using his clothing to be not hot.  Abercrombie and Fitch do carry a size large and xx large in men unlike women he says is for the athletic muscle guys that shop there. He says it’s not a gender thing but just that men have muscles and have to wear those size not because there fat but because there muscle require them to. In contrast there is a picture of a girl who is showing with a guy in the same poses Abercrombie and Fitch do in their advertising. She is not a skinny girl and has tattoos with her shirt off on top of a guy. Her advertisement says attractive and fat. The advertisement has the first letter A and second F just like Abercrombie and Fitch.
            Our body culture right now is mostly giving the teenager and women a hard time. Like this store many stores have already been making the sizes smaller making a 5 look like a size 3. This CEO is giving a wrong message on how women and teens should be looking. CEO is putting the teens a wrong way of seeing how a popular kid should look. Most of their advertisements have blond blue eye girl and white guys on their cover. Its showing that if you don’t have straight blond hair and blue eyes that you can’t be popular. Many people are complaining on how Abercrombie is been very mean of taking out the plus sizes. The CEO of Abercrombie and Fitch feels strongly of making clothing for only petite people and not caring that this may be making his sales drop unlike his competitor stores H&M and American Eagle who do make plus sizes. The stores now are showing the world that if you are not a certain size you are not beautiful and cool. That’s why the girl that put and made her own advertisement of being attractive and fat gave a lot to say to people. She proved that yes she is plus size but yet healthy and comfortable in her own skin.  
by Yisel Gonzalez


  1. When the story about the CEO first came out, I was appalled. He is only stimulating body hate and self-consciousness. Too many young girls are taught to think that only skinny is beautiful, when in fact that is not true. Advertisers need to start using more realistic looking models to help combat this unfortunate trend.

  2. I heard about the story that came out after the CEO comment about how their clothes is only targeted towards attractive people. It's nice that a plus size girl is shown in the ad because everyone is beautiful in all shapes.