Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Axe Body Spray (By: Josey Avina)

An advertisement on Axe body spray says, “Spray More Get More the Axe Effect.” This advertisement is opposing if you buy their product all females will be coming after you like wild animals. In the advertisement, the female's stance is like a wild animal. Her teeth are showing as for showing aggression probably towards the male.
There are rabbits next to the female a way of showing cuteness or comforting with the female. The woman is not even fully dressed she is in a bikini. Her hair is a hot mess. The overall meaning in this Axe commercial is if you spray, you can have any girl you want. This gives the male more confidence when being around women, so they think. Our contemporary culture has not changed a lot it is still the same when trying to sell a specific product and how to sell it.

This product is selling to males by making them think they will get more girls when they spray. The business sells an item by how they advertise. Knowing what they need to put on their commercial in order to get a genders attention. The view of the body is more sexism. The women have a lot less clothing when in a commercial to get the males attention vise versa.

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