Saturday, April 19, 2014

Public Religious Art Care of Swaminarayan in India (Kim De Silva)

     The religious art shows a rosary wrapped around Jesus' hands that carried the Earth. This is to remind that Jesus is always looking after us. Since Jesus is the Savior of the people, it was made to show that the people is always under the care and guidance of God because they are in Jesus' hands. The big hands are emphasized for it to show a sense of safety for the people . Lastly, the rosary symbolizes God because it tells how God deals with His people.

     The artwork conveys the idea of always being protected by God that's why there's a rosary wrapped around the wrists and under the Earth. The rosary and the hands carrying the Earth gives a sense of security to the people. The purpose of this public art is to let people know God is always looking after his people and he wouldn't neglect them. The overall meaning is that God will always catch us whenever something goes wrong. Its presence suggests the same as to what we believe in our views of everyday religious expression.

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