Tuesday, April 29, 2014

The Cross ( by Marcus Byrd)

The Cross is probably one of the most recognizable symbols around the world today, We might be driving down the same block for 5 miles and pass multiple variations rather they sit alone on top of a hill or church or around the neck of an individual. The Christian Cross or Crucifix as is referred to in Latin countries (usually includes a usually three-dimensional representation of Jesus's body) is the most well known religious symbol of Christianity. Jesus Christ was crucified to a cross and then born again as referenced in religious works most notably the Christian story book “The Holy Bible” many begin to were crosses as a sign of their belief and faith. Through many centuries people began to recognize the cross as the logo for the Christian Religion and began to brand and capitalize of the image such as Jewelry, Art, Clothing, etc.... The Cross was originally represented as something sacred and holy after the death and rebirth of “Jesus Christ”. Today people were crosses around their neck s and have no idea what it really represents. It has become a trend for people buy diamond or gold necklaces with a cross pendant but not practice religion in any form. For example you could turn on the TV and find a music video glorifying violence, partying, drugs , explicit language and degrading women in misogynistic manner while all this is going on the artist or artist’s will have a chain with a cross around their neck. I those displays to be that of a hypocrite or they have no clue what the cross represents. In order to wear a “Cross” one should believe in The Father, The Son, & The Holy Spirit and be a devout Christian. If not then we are just another human being following the trend and style seen so much today in modern society.

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  1. The cross is the most recognizable symbol because it's a universal understanding that it ties back to religion. Most likely if anyone would travel the world, we still understand what a cross symbolizes.