Friday, April 18, 2014

Religious Imagery Cross

Religious Imagery: Cross : Jessica Cortes
            The cross is a religious symbol looked upon many. There are many different crosses located in several places. For example, cross could be tattooed, on a rosary, on top of a church building, car stickers of a cross, or we have the basic wooden cross that is located inside a Christian Churches. The cross that is located in the church, it in normally place upfront in the middle, because of this being it is meant to show how Christ should be the center of one’s life. The wooden cross that is located in the middle of a church building is about 6 feet in height, to create a more dominate focal point. The cross in the church has a huge impact in the church it is a symbol that represents what a church stands for. A reminder of why one does what they do when they are Christian. In addition it reminds one we are not perfect, and we fall and make mistakes. The cross is there to remind us what Christ has done for us.
            Chris Demetriou stated, “The cross is foolishness to those who are headed for destruction but to everyone who is ‘being saved’ it is the power and might of God.” In other words depending on ones own upbringing is how it one interprets it. But the location of where the cross is and because it is in a church. Therefore in this context the meaning of the cross is based on God and Christ. What the cross represents about our contemporary culture is that we contain the same views and continue to believe strongly in Christ and Him being the center of our life.  Our view of the cross is a religious expression of how individuals are faithful to Christianly.  

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  1. The cross is an iconic symbol that every person can recognize. It shows deep meaning to lots of people.

  2. It has become almost mandatory to show the symbol of the cross in someway in the Catholic religion. Although it is still a very powerful religious symbol, it is losing its true meaning because of the way people choose to display it with tattoos and necklaces and clothing brands.